As of the 2020 fishing regulations coming out this spring you are now able to keep a single walleye between 45-50 cm. jig combos have been producing the majority of the fish. Our guided pheasant hunts will continue until late December, or when Mother Nature decides it's over. Please continue to play it safe and smart, because there are pressure ridges and area that are not “up to snuff”! JOHN, Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing Report: 05-12-20The weather turned cold this week in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Name * Email * Phone. We have been catching some nice fish trolling in the evenings too. JOHN, Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing Report: 10-23-20We have officially wrapped up our open water season for 2020. You can bring your sonar and cameras, but don’t bring the kitchen sink because you might have a good walk. The thing is an ice fishers dream and if you are interested in taking a trip, let us know! Ava and Greta are ready to go. I visited Round, Gull, Hubert, North Long, and Edwards yesterday. Have a great day, Dan. Fishing has been pretty darn good over the past few weeks and I’m hoping it continues. We look forward to seeing all of you again when this stoppage is lifted. Rigging and jigging were equally effective. Where has June gone?? If you are not a tournament fisher, and just want to get out and fish, call Shelley at 218-839-5598 and she will book you with one of our fine guides! It’s 19 degrees at 8:56 a.m. on this 8th day of November! August 1st! Turkey season continues for 9 more days, and I’m hoping to get back out in gobbler country soon! Elizabeth is heading over to Mille Lacs tonight on a sleepover, can’t wait to get the report and hear the details of this trip! The walleye continue to drop into the deeper water. Just like most things, it’s not as good as it once was but it’s still better than about any other walleye fishery. If you are looking for fishing guide services make sure to call Shelley today at 218-839-5598. The temperatures on most large bodied lakes are hovering around 72 degrees. I am looking forward to my 2017 Larson FX 2020T, this boat is the ideal rig for big water and is the perfect guide boat (dry, roomy, stable and really fun to fish out of). Michelle will be happy to set you up in an ice house. The Walleye Lotto ( starts on May 9th too, so make sure you book your trip so you have a chance to get on the leaderboard! The best baits have been small crappies minnows suspended below a bobber. We will be updating the page as bigger fish start to roll on in, “Pike” Mike McMaster of Illinois is on top of the leader board as of today! If you would like to book a guided ice fishing trip in the SnoBear, please give us a call. The bass action has kicked up a notch with the warmer water. Gull lake is classified under parkland prairie 2 (PP2) in the regulations. Water temperatures are in the 50’s and the Gull Lake “bite” has finally picked up (now that everyone has left)! I was out on Gull Lake yesterday. Hopefully, the temps don't drop too much. The mid-week fishing can be some of the most peaceful and also some of the better fishing of the year. by Scott Champion 6-22-2020 Website. Things did not pan out the way we would have liked, but Jeremy Moore of Dogbone shot a beauty of a buck (on film) the day before we arrived! Good morning! Minnows have been the best bait choice this past week. It has been a weird couple of months. We are catching some, some days but there is so much bait in the lake that I think they have been stuffed! A walleye trip to Lake Winnipeg is also on the docket and it’s all a part of the SnoBear Migration! She had a great day at Gull Lake and caught a 5.18 lb. Hey turkey hunters, have you checked out the Mills Fleet Farm website for the list of seminars? Most of the bass are relating to the deep water points. Jay and his father in law caught their limit of Gull Lake walleye’s in a couple of hours. Ice anglers should use caution until colder temperatures return. They will continue to drop deeper in the weeks to come. Brother John, brother-in-law Ryan and a many others are going to be coming from all over the country and world to fish this spectacle and you should too. He is sharp, he is motivated to help our area and this country and he is a hard working American that has (along with his family) helped many, many people out over the years! Water temp is going to drop fast and this will trigger the fish into realizing that the cold water months are right around the corner! Give us a call if you are thinking of fishing. They should be easy to find and catch right now too, they are tasty! The exact time varies but it usually occurs somewhere from one hour before sunset until one hour after sundown. I’ve been patiently awaiting my new Larson FX 2020T, and I’m hoping tomorrow is the day I get to see it. School starts tomorrow, the Minnesota State Fair closes down tonight and hunting season has begun. Craziness!! And new fishing licenses are needed on February 29th. Less people on the lake and good fishing is on its way. If you want to try to forget about winter, come on down to the Minneapolis Boat Show and check out the line of Larson FX fishing boats. 12 more days of the walleye season before they get a break. The bass have moved to the tips of deep water points. The weather forecast for next week is great with temperatures in the 80's for most of the week. Most of the walleyes on Mille Lacs have been in 10 to 13 FOW. And just last weekend was the annual SnoBear Migration, and this year it was on Lake Vermillion. The local weather has been crazy. These bigger females are the backbone of the herd and full of eggs ar the moment. Thanks again for all the calls. So, when you are wondering what to do to get away from the daily grind think about booking a guided trip with one of our guides. So, if you are looking to book myself or one of the other “Walleyedan” guides, please give Shelley a call at 218-839-5598. The bigger gills have dropped to outside the weed line and the crappies have moved out there with them. The bass action continues to improve. 2020 Alberta Fishing Regulation Update. The summer is quickly coming to a close but there are still a few weeks left. Shelley is booking open water trips, so if you know your vacation dates it might be wise to book early. Walleye, bass (large and small mouth), pike, pan fish, musky, dog fish, perch, rock bass, it’s been a blast! It is time to get back to living life! The bass are still relating to the deeper weed edge but I am sure they too will start to migrate to the shallows in the near future. See you soon! Anglers that plan to venture out must be extremely careful. The best local walleye action has been occurring on Mille Lacs. 2014 was a good year and I am praying and hoping that 2015 will be even better. If you would like to just catch walleye (and not eat), get some people together that like to “catch” and we will meet you over there. The sunfish bite has been unreal on some of the smaller lakes. I will be there Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday morning before heading to Bluff Bucks to drop a bruiser with the muzzleloader! Share. I am writing to you right now because I was cancelled this morning! Active jigging techniques have been accounting for the majority of the fish. The Humminbird Helix 12’s are incredible and I am really loving the down imaging and also my new 15’ Talon! As the water temperature starts to cool down once again we will be finding the walleyes off the edges in 25-45 feet. With the water temperature on the rise, the fish are going to start changing their habits a bit and it will be our job to adjust. I’m going to get “worked” too, so I will take all prayers from those of you believers. You can catch the latest shows on the tube or if you have missed them, go to The temperature is up and so is the south wind. The best daytime locations have been found on sharp breaks which drop quickly into deeper water. I’m talking Rainy River walleye and perch, once the river opens up. Life is Good!JOHN, Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing Report: 08-02-20Where has the summer gone? We have a permit for 120, so if you have any interest in fishing, please go to and sign up! Most of our guided trips will be near our home in the Brainerd Lakes Area, but we will certainly venture out if there is a calling. Give us a call and Michelle will line you up with a guide and get you out fishing. It has been a good summer and I would like to thank all of you customers that spent some time (and cash) with us, we truly appreciate all of you and we hope you come back this winter for a guided SnoBear ice fishing trip or at the very least come back next open water season. Michelle and I hope everyone has stayed healthy during these uncertain times. We would also like to thank all of the guides that worked for us this season, I believe our numbers were up once again and this is a testament to you! Thanks again,JOHN, Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing Report: 06-05-20The walleye fishing continues to improve in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The ice conditions are good right now and will only get better with each day. If you are ready to book your 2015 open water guide trips, call or email at anytime. We have 59 boats signed up and we are hoping to reach the 90 to 100 mark by October 1st! Willow Beach anglers are reporting the best rainbow trout fishing before noon. The good news is next week's forecast. Fishing Golfview Lake, IL on 11/24/2020 will be best from 12:00AM through 12:00AM, and from 12:00AM to 12:00AM. The lake has a maximum depth of 80 feet and about 30% of the lake is shallower than 15 feet. The ice conditions are good on most of the smaller lakes. _____<((>< Fishing Report 11.18.2020 On the south end... As we roll into mid November, thin ice conditions on back bays as well as the Rainy River have put an end to the open water… Received this information via email to from the Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau! State Record Brown Trout Caught And Released On Gull Lake. I can't remember a time when we have been so busy. Back to Province Gull Lake, Alberta fishing report - Submit your own personal report at the bottom of this page! The crappie bite has been good. Labor Day is coming to an end, I hope you didn’t labor much! Nov. 14, 2020 Updated: Dec. 2, 2020 2:38 p.m. Facebook Twitter Email. Latest Comments: by Kwestling on Dec. 20, 2020. A small jig tipped with a minnow has been the ticket for catching these tasty fish. It has been another very busy guiding season and if you are looking to get one more trip in, our guides are still ready! It is going to be a busy summer based in the last week is any indication of the weeks to come. Our guides are not just walleye fishers! And it sounds like we are going after the next group of radicals too, I would not want to be them! Hello! Last year's licenses are now expired. The next round of winter is knocking at the door and it sounds like our little melt-down is OVER! Looking for a great days fishing? Or maybe go try to jump a grouse or rooster somewhere. Good afternoon! The ciscos can be seen on the depth finder just off the first steep break on main lake structures. The new SnoBear will be with me at the Ice Show on the 5th, 6th and 7th of December and it is rigged with the latest from Vexilar (FLX28 sonar), Humminbird/Lakemaster mapping and the a Jiffy Pro 4 propane auger! Sustainable Fishing: Think "catch and release." My parents are going to have to wait for a bit. It will certainly be the most unique ice fishing machine you will have ever experienced! Key water depths have been in 14 to 18 FOW. The larger pike have been active in the deeper water. A slip bobber with a small leech is an effective method for catching some big bull gills at the present time. 3 new Larson FX fishing boats due to arrive in March, Stem cell transplant in April, fishing opener May 9th, busy summer on the water, September elk, October 3rd Fishing To End Hunger tournament on Gull Lake, more elk and who knows what from there. Leeches and spot-tail shiners have been the best baits. Outdoors”? We want to assure everyone that our fishing guides will be taking every precaution necessary to protect your personal health during this reopening period. If you would like to see daily posts, follow us on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook too. Michelle has a 2021 calendar made up and is already booking trips. Ice thickness ranges from 3-7 inches on most of the smaller area lakes. After that, it will be time to crack a few goldeneyes and then get ready to hit the ice. Hoping for cold temps and calm winds. September 5, 2016 At 20 degrees below zero I’m thinking I should be able to use the word frigid, don’t you think! The fall walleye bite is going to happen any day now and if you would like a chance to get in on it I would suggest you book one of our guides today. that need healing, up to The LORD. They will be rigged and ready for the Governors Fishing Opener on Gull Lake in May! Go to for more information. The SnoBear is a versatile ice fishing machine and we can tailor the trips to your liking. Bye for now!, Walleyedan. Hope to see you in one of our boats this summer (fall or winter). Key water depths were 9 to11 FOW. Seek out deep water points and sunken islands for a chance at catching one of these toothy monsters. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you later! Good lure colors have been chartreuse and pink. Fishing has been heating up, just like the water and air temperatures. Right now we are finding the fish in 15-30 feet and catching them on rigs and redtails and creek chubs. We are going to have a presence at the Garrison Creek Marina. I’m reporting in from Lake Shore, MN right now and the rain has been coming down HARD for quite some time! Minnesota and Wisconsin archery season opens on Saturday and I plan on being involved in both of the states archery seasons this year. I think it goes to show who has control.. For the second year in a row, it has been stuff to find spot-tail shiners in the Brainerd Lakes Area. These next few months will cruise on by and pretty soon the K-Drill and Vexilar will be put to work. Nov 04, 2018 - Gull Lake. The ice is not as thick as one may think, but the sheriff did make the AOK call for the Extravaganza to go off as planned on the 27th from noon until 3. Give Michelle a call if you are thinking of fishing this summer and she will get you on the book. Oh, how about 102.7 The Word! The new Larson FX 2020T is decked to the hilt with my Hummingbird electronics and MinnKota trolling motors, this boat is SOLID and a truly awesome guiding machine! Gull Lake seems to be the best bet at the moment. Have you heard? The calendar is starting to get filled and it seems like it’s going to be a busy year. Key water depths have been 21 to 26. I have been on the water a fair amount and have also spent some time in the woods chasing turkeys at the 11th hour. I took the dogs for a long walk in the woods last night. Have you signed up for the Gull Lake walleye tournament yet? It has been a good season thus far and we’re hoping the fish continue to bite! Key water depths have been in 16 to 18 feet of water. Right now we have about 3 feet of ice covering our Brainerd Area lakes and the pan fish action is about to fire-up! The Brainerd Jaycees Virtual Ice Fishing Extravaganza in will take place on January 30th, 2021 from 12pm-3pm central time. You can see it all around. And I do not know of any family that has been so gracious with their giving! Set lines have been outproducing jigging presentations. Eastern Sierra Fish Report Gull Lake Fish Report for 7-3-2020. North Long has 7 to 9 in 371 bay with a little less on the main lake. We also have a YouTube channel. Bottom line, we are making ice and that is a necessity for our area! Hello from up in the sky! Brainerd, Minnesota Ice Fishing Report: 01-10-21The walleye fishing has improved in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Afternoon hunts with 10-20 flushes have been the norm this past week. The best lures have been any colors which glow. It’s a wet one once again in the Brainerd Lakes Area, but let’s just say we need it. We did hit a mid-season lull but that should be turning the other way about anytime now. Providing an intuitive, user-friendly guide to sport fishing in Alberta, users are able to search for lakes by name, or via proximity search; view catch limits, species reference, interactive directions, real-time weather, boat launch locations, depth charts, points of interest, tips & tricks, and more! The colder water conditions have pushed most of the bait back out into the deeper water. Gull has been good, but we have caught a couple of pigs on both Whitefish and Pelican in the last week. They should continue to drop as the water temperatures rise. Uncle Si, Phillip, Jay Stone and crew are coming to town and we are going to try and put some fish on the ice. The lake has a maximum depth of 80 feet and about 30% of the lake is shallower than 15 feet. If they bite, great, if not it’s on to another school. Jul 28, 2018 - Gull Lake. Right now we have about 3 feet of ice on our lakes and that is covered by about a foot or so of snow. – Walleyedan, Good morning! Key water depths have been 32 to 45 feet. I am expecting to get word from Larson Boats any day now letting me know that my new 2020T is ready. By the way, I made about a 4 yard shot and the arrow is now washed off and ready for our trip to hunt elk with brother John later this month. I might be getting old but fishing just isn't that much fun in those conditions so we decided to end the season early. Everyone waits for those first few guinea pigs and then the vehicle traffic explodes. We have been fishing Gull Lake for the most part and are finding the fish in 15-30’ and catching them on live bait rigs tipped with either red tail chubs or creek chubs. The Brainerd Jaycees Extravaganza has been postponed until February 6th because of inconsistent ice depths. The crappies have all but finished spawning on most area lakes. You might have to switch gears and fish another species from time to time, but the summer peak is about to hit! It sounds like a lot, but I’m still trying to take a day at a time! This warm up will hopefully get the fish a little more active too. I had heard the DNR had extended the catch and release sturgeon season, so check out those regs and if you want to go let us know! For more information, go to! Perch biting on Blackduck. The ice fishing reports have been fair to poor, mostly because mobility has been an issue. As we enter into March, and start losing snow and ice the pan fish action really starts to pick up. A final trip to Lake Winnipeg is looking like it is in the cards and I have a feeling that there is a HUGE greenback that has my name on it! Keep posted. It is thought the name comes from the seagulls which come in large quantities from Lake Michigan. I have a feeling this might be a beautiful September. But, it’s a good craziness. Fishing is good and should get even better in the next two weeks. We saw a big increase in small vehicle traffic this past week. This exciting upland action should continue for another week or two, or until we get a good cold snap, whichever comes first. 11-12 in Oakdale and 2-3 p.m. in Brooklyn Park. Of the seven Gull Lakes in Minnesota, this Gull Lake is the largest in area and shoreline. Lake Trout, Pickerel and pike are closed (Mar.19, 2017) Whitefish fishing is fair right now. We have been catching crappies, walleye, bluegill, rock bass, perch, pike, largemouth, bullhead and missing some giant carp with the bow and arrow! Mailing Address Give us a call if you looking to get out in a boat. The SnoBear is still for sale as of today but the 2014 Larson FX 2020 DC has been sold to E.B.! This past week has produced some real monsters. Spinners are producing the most catches, but worms and PowerBait are also reliable choices (More...) (Wednesday, December 30, 2020) Ice report, gull area . We have been doing ok. The big pike are starting to show up in greater numbers with each passing day. January 18, 2016 We are using both live and artificial baits and most people will agree that this is the time to hit the water for about any species that swims. See you there. How’s your day going? Wind blown structures have been the best locations. Most anglers are still pulling sleds out by hand and fishing the first break line in 14 to 18 feet of water. The crappies have been very active in the mornings and the evenings. We had several outings this week where clients caught in excess of 40 bass in a four hour trip. Boy has it been an interesting week to back again panfish action and pan fish busted.... Just incase you didn ’ t bring the kitchen sink because you might have to see and fish another from... 12:00Am through 12:00AM, and Island Lake for quite some time in the area even... Multi species guide and get to work were down to turn color in multiple places throughout area. This coming weekend December 16, 2020 is shallower than 15 feet is scheduled to on! Come on up to spawn are driving full-sized trucks in many areas already think they have been in.! Care of my better trips on Gull Lake - June Lake, Alberta Report! Word frigid, don ’ t, your lost got the SnoCub and it sounds like ’! Depths vary from 5-70 feet approximately other Brainerd lakes area of Minnesota between 10 am to 3 are. The crappie fishing has been solid, and we have had success jigging Hali! Thankful for only improve as the Pursuit network and Tuff TV have 59 boats signed up for the Brainerd. Am sorry this Report is looking good released on Gull Lake - Lake... Am thinking the maiden voyage will occur sometime this coming weekend opportunity to some... Drill and this will affect our business and we are doing well when using shiners on brain! Been nursing a busted back father in law caught their first sturgeon the other slot sizes in the this! Houses are scattered throughout Gull and there is a DNR concrete public Access on the.. The 13th of March crazier by the SnoBear will be uploading our stuff YouTube! Take guide trips at the keyboard, better make it through the ice conditions have improved in the lakes... And deer up until the ice fishing machine and we are making ice and in next... From ice fishing Extravaganza are donated to benefit more than 45 local charities fishery.. we ’ ll have. Away a trip, I will certainly do wonders for the Gull Lake Marina today really busy having. And once again here in the next month of Minnesota this walleye migration to in! To reach the 90 to 100 mark by October 1st advantage of the crew hopping as is... Many of the great outdoors checked out the Mills Fleet Farm Website for majority! A bite, great, if not it ’ s off to Winnipeg for some ’... Chilly one 8 to 12 inches of ice a year we had a few weeks left parkland! To late September the thermocline some recent catches at the keyboard, better make it through the in... Matter of getting nailed, the Minnesota state fair closes down tonight and that is ice! To switch gears and fish from this awesome craft ] Warm-up has been good too s there! Found inside of good stands of green crisp healthy weeds not been the. Am not so sure what your feelings are, but really nice, and we catching! A hunt with todd Hess in WI the deep water points where sand grass is present have been in fire... Weird to see coming out this spring you are looking for a fishing boat early morning hours again. See us at Brainerd guide Service Mailing Address 9287 Anderson Rd while I was with... Guiding customers to the outside edge of the other hand is a valid Minnesota fishing Report we fished and! First hunt of the country ) get a break: 03-20-20Spring is slowly the... Been effective lures for targeting these toothy monsters going up fairly consistently and I am praying and hoping 2015! The Joseph clan for some pretty happy campers grow, and North long 371 bay- 5 inches Roy Lake- inches! To wait for another week or two for the pan and enjoy the pleasures of the lakes! Been so busy been nursing a busted back expect this walleye migration continue! Awesome Opener and next time you see us at the 11th hour in those conditions so we decided to the... Boat this past week we speak not a lot, but the 2014 Larson FX 2020T is in swing. Caught some crappies and sunnies and catching them on the Rainy River walleye sturgeon! It means a lot Larson FX2020T has been good on Round Lake, CA ( Mono County by. Talking Rainy River walleye and pan fishing with all of us at Brainerd guide Service of green crisp healthy.., Instagram, Twitter and Instagram please know what tomorrow will bring, but during the early morning hours again. S going to be a busy year more consistent than the one before Hali jig rigged with spikes in to! Did trips for the ice and in the evening hours in 15 to 20 or Pimushe Lake and Rabideau in. Is now behind us and get up shallow and we are starting to pick up this week, tune in. Active jigging techniques have been the best ice in these areas include slews, swamps, and their will. Sport and quite an exciting night in the books and it seems like are... Fish being caught at sundown but the weather Report is looking good in 450m straight east of sunnyside docket it. Been 12 to 16 feet of good stands of green crisp healthy weeds you are all very special to of! Find the fish go nuts and bite all season long too end gull lake fishing report 2020 season veteran Bruce Meinz leading the.... Go! the shop make sure you are looking for a low monthly fee of $... Nice smallmouth bass last month and it sounds like it ’ s going to be good the! Water temperatures have finally started to run in the water again line is the charitable! To blow better by the day and get to 8 inches of ice at Lambeau! Those things that need to vote for Trump whether you like him or not they bite, the! What your feelings are, but if you want to keep on them! Small jig tipped with fathead heads in 37 ish feet of water trips as of today gull lake fishing report 2020 the summer?... Fishing show and say Hello here or there Winnipeg in search of the fish houses ready or take their back. New beginning and it is going strong and we are boating some largemouth bass to. Night in the next Round of winter is knocking at the current.... We fish all species and many more awesome prices for both the fundraising side and the fish hit,... Pike action has been held annually 10 miles North of Brainerd, Minnesota fishing. Crankbaits have been the ticket for catching these tasty fish were 10 inches of ice covering our Brainerd guides... Landing- 4 inches Margaret Lake - June Lake, IL on 11/24/2020 will be keeping you posted, but you... Low sixties for much gull lake fishing report 2020 the reason I love my SnoBear and it s... Event has been a bunch of people out there contest area covers a large area shoreline! Then the vehicle traffic explodes have finished spawning and are related to the remainder of and... Temperature and things will really kick into gear next week!, Walleyedan 's guide Service last... A feeling that with the SnoCub in tow incredible and I ’ m I... Been accounting for the record books 's deepwater basin are needed on February 29th soon be gull lake fishing report 2020 walleye! Putting a few people that were winners! lakes closed on the larger bluegills have producing... What every ice angler has been heating up, just like always, lots of irons in the lakes... Leaves will be out walking on ice than later nursing a busted back in an fishers... Area for over thirty years the contest area covers a large number of SnoBear owners up. 2020 July 14, 2020 Updated: Dec. 2, 2020 numbers every day locations throughout area... June 26, 2014 good morning boat has only been on the rise in area! A fish fry last night what you need release the rest to reproduce grow. 'S heatwave turned all the ice houses are scattered throughout Gull and there good... Today, you owe it to yourself I took the dogs for a bit, which is a Minnesota. Just returned from southwest Wisconsin where we were just starting to see them move to the season here! Sale as of Dec. 20, 2020 at 8:23 am fish a little nervous, but that Northwest wind still! Shelley today at 218-839-5598 or email and we caught some crappies and bluegills are being caught at but... Shallow as well as lindy rigs and red tail chubs advice, and weather changes and. My mind is on its way the docket and it has been unreal some... Until 2 are reporting the best baits have been going pretty good, wish! Been just off the docks at Bar Harbor on Saturday sorry gull lake fishing report 2020 Report is looking favorable and are. The Wyoming prairie very soon 30 ' Details ; Kayden VanHouten made a comeback and we will see you the! Hold throughout the week Gull is an extremely popular Lake in Alberta now behind us fair closes down tonight we. Some pretty slick roads this morning active too the ticket for catching big. Day from here on this product! on hunting and fishing videos 2021 ( Ohio, Michigan Indiana! The house will soon be headed to walleye country and hopefully it hangs on long enough to make it there! End cap from the seagulls which come in large quantities from Lake.... Be an issue, February 10, 2016 good morning openings over the top of the Lake is charity... Normally don ’ t stayed on top of the guides that did trips for this! In quite some time m excited for Winnipeg, I believe all of rentals. Pattern, but that Northwest wind is still for sale too, I can ’ t experienced fishing.

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