Most people, however, stick to the standard license plate of their home state, which vary as widely in design as the states themselves. In Montana, one of seven states to issue county-coded plates, the hardest to find is a "55" the number for license plates sold in Petroleum County. As a matter of fact, in Delaware, your corporation doesn’t list the name of the owner of the entity. This isn’t a matter of people arbitrarily just registering their cars out of state. I’m a couple of years late to this party. Regardless, the local inspection station could always find some trivial fault with the vehicle. Montanans have a common experience involving license plates. I never knew how prevalent that scheme was. They all expire in the month of June. While you might not care if your neighbors know you’re not really from Montana, you probably should. Of course, if you own a Ferrari you probably don’t buy insurance by picking up the phone when you see a cartoon lizard on TV. The current prefix being issued is PD. Also, there are many many wealthy folks with ranches in Montana. And so, I will now answer that, virtually assuring that TTAC will lose the wealthy exotic car owner and Montana attorney readership, but perhaps gain a following among county tax commissioners. The laws were largely aimed at historic vehicles that lacked space for a front plate. Doug DeMuro operates This is a phone call I get too often –…. They do have MI plates though. It was after midnight when I was 19, so I’m sure the cop was trolling to see if I’d been drinking. When I see a Montana plate in Georgia, I automatically assume “tax dodger” unless it’s a beat-up old Silverado with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers. These plates, often made of paper, are usually valid for 30 to 40 days, or until your actual license plates arrive. So sure you pay sales tax up front in some states (VT), but the registration fees actually surpass it over time. License Plate Options and Requirements. It’s astounding. Most states will probably insist on back taxes, which would wipe out your entire savings and hit you with a massive bill. Too bad the state doesn’t let us pump our own gas. And the state of Montana collects a registration fee every year – but it’s a fraction of what other states usually charge. For example, things with 8’s are lucky – the number 8 sounds like the word for prosperity. That’s about 77k for the year you buy that Veyron and the same percentage on its assessed value every single year thereafter. Many of Montana's special interest license plates are sponsored by or linked to a specific charity or cause. I even see them in the Kiss & Ride lanes at schools and parked in high school parking lots. Google returns about four million results (literally, four million) so I won’t name any names. Some don’t care, but if I had an exotic I’d jump through hoops to avoid that crime against design. Words, like fascism, often have actual meanings. The system isn’t based on real cost recovery, it’s more social justice in action. Montana Quilters Have Their Own License Plate. I think he just wanted probable cause to check me out, although I didnt fit any obvious criminal profile. His parents are very disappointed. NOTE : Some sponsored license plates may not be available as motorcycle plates or other plate types. Sometimes the BLM does too much. ), the Tahoe Hybrid would mean a $3,800 sales tax bill – at least. SUMMARY: Apply for a Montana Specialty License Plate. The purchaser will receive a permanent plate in the mail in a month or so. “But can’t a guy with a $30,000 Accord afford to spend $20 to board the plane ten minutes before other passengers?”. Name an advanced prosperous modern society that doesn’t have a large influential government. My personal favorite Montana license plate is the “Montana’s Treasures” tag, which is sponsored by something called the “Montana Area Agencies on Aging Association,” or MAaaaaaaaaa. There are different time periods available for registration in Montana. Cities, Towns & Communities . Montana began requiring vehicle registration plates … Application form MVD10270 | Download PDF. Nonetheless, don’t expect to see “Peace Pipe Capital of the World” anytime soon. Without state investment, which funded research and implementation of the internet, you would be posting here jack. My wife is concerned about my license plate observations. Plus, being in the Military I end up paying a lot of “Impact Fees” (they will sometimes exempt us from the taxes, but usually make you pay the impact fee the first year) when I move every few years. Do they let you do that?”, “…and marry a round American woman, and raise rabbits.”. Yes, I know, you are going to argue that “you” don’t own the car - the LLC does. So, if you’ve told Allstate that your car lives in Idaho and you’re in a big wreck in DC with a lot of liability, you just might find yourself uninsured. Can you get it trouble for it? Montana has no sales or use tax and no vehicle inspections. There’s also a small heard of what may be bison on the “Land” portion, though they figure more prominently another Montana plate that says simply “Let Buffalo Roam.” And what better way to facilitate that than to drive your car on paved highways through the state? Montana law requires the issuance of new plates every five years.The Montana plate pictured above was issued beginning in January 2010. In comparison, the Department of Motor Vehicles issued 840,000 plates this last year in a wide array of standard, personal, and specialty designs. I bought an aftermarket screw-in license plate holder for my old car. I’ve done it in Jersey when the attendant was being slow/lazy and I needed to get going. So, what does a typical Montana plate look like? My 2007 Toyota Tacoma still costs me (it goes down over time) $350/year to register with the state. This isn’t what you think. The Pitfalls Of The Montana License Plate Scam By Steve Lehto October 26, 2018 October 29th, 2019 No Comments I get asked from time to time about the so-called Montana License Plate Scam: Can you safely register your vehicle in Montana and drive it in your non-Montana home state? But hey - you saved thousands of dollars! But if you are caught, it could mean bad news. Back then, active duty military were permitted to declare a state of residence and, maintain that state regardless of where their duty assignment was. License Plate Code for . Porsche 959? Annual registration is a flat $75, no annual property tax or variable charge based on the car’s value, no safety inspections, and if you get outside of Metro Milwaukee no emissions testing. Virginia has a bazillion plate combos too., “I will live in Montana. Obviously very loosely enforced. Seemed an expensive option. Since the people in our armed forces were not highly paid, I don’t think this was much of a tax dodge. Standard plates are issued to all vehicle owners unless they request other plates. Hmm, does this include motorcycles? take a look: What ticks me off are the various politically motivated plates. And there’s not a dam& thing that California or any other state can do about it. I know what you’re thinking: can’t a guy with a $1.7 million car afford $120k in taxes? She got: no NC inspection, no NC registration, no NC license, no NC insurance, and oh yeah the burned out headlight. As the attorney in this relationship, I have to be the one to tell you the bad news, and it’s twofold bad news. If you park on public streets, sometimes you will get an add-on for no plate if you let the meter expire, but that only happened once. That’s the “Pro Choice, Pro Family” tag. Are cars missing registration and/or inspection stickers? I said I never heard of such and back in Tennessee where I am from, I have not seen a gas station attendant in 40 years! The metric system is the tool of the devil! If you need replacement tags, … I get so annoyed with the broader media starting every taxation discussion with the assumption that because you have enough money to buy a supercar, yacht, private jet, or trophy wife that you should kiss a govn’t satrap on his bald head and be eager to pay proportionally more in taxes. That, but VA does have a lot more roads than most other states to pay for. Instead, it belongs to your newly-formed company – which just happens to be based in tax-free Montana! The owner must pay the tax if the vehicle is “garaged” in the county. I have often said state governments should actually help automakers sell supercars like the Veyron, since the revenue from one Veyron is equal to around 65 Accords. Occasionally, there are benefits to my license plate obsession. Set up a “Acme, LLC Auto Rental” company and tell the police and tax agency that you are renting it. I love having ‘Rutgers University” (state University of NJ) plates with my beloved Scarlet Knight on my Virginia car. A $25 personalized plate application fee is required . “CJinSD” does not seem to have the slightest clue what he is talking about. Custom plates are just worthy to put on these exotic cars. Of course there are limits to this strategy. And an insurance adjuster, scrutinizing your claim might wonder what false statements you made on your insurance application. :). It doesn’t matter how rich you are: no one likes to needlessly spend money. I have a mild obsession with license plates. Of all the transplants in California, Illinoisans seem to keep their out of state plates the longest, probably for this reason. Not just any five digit plate. That makes us a register of convenience state for people in NE states with much more expensive insurance. My car gets forty rods to the hogs head, and that’s the way I likes it! 2000 Ohio (Single) License Plate $ 26.99. If you cross the Potomac River and live in the Virginia suburbs, you will pay about 1/3 less, everything else being equal. Log in and find the vehicle to “replace your license plate” or if you need to “renew vehicle registration” you can replace the plates at the same time. Let’s do some quick math before going any further. Cool! Unfortunately, Google Images shows that “LVQLTN” and “QLTLVR” are already taken. The most recent Montana plates are blue with white lettering, illustrated with the contour of state on a map. I still have the plate. This does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not meant to constitute legal advice, so the good news is we’re not billing you by the hour for reading this. If you own the truck for 6 years in VT that would be a total of $1992 over the 6 years. The license plate has to be made, and if you are wanting a specific name on the plate, it can take even longer. WI wouldn’t be a bad place to register an expensive car either. I applaud New Jersey for recognizing that. That’s not the point. So Montana is the Monaco of America? There are a couple problems which might crop up if you give it a try. Do you know your license plate mottos? I think I paid $120 to re-register my 2002 Saturn L200 and the same $120 to register my 2012 Mazda3. This website may supply general information about the law but it is for informational purposes only. Fascism is command socialism with the illusion of private property and a side order of blaming its own failings on named scapegoats. Specifically you want plate 86999 or lower, because that is the highest number originally issued on a black porcelain base prior to 1942, and therfore can be displayed in that format today. US license plates showcase historical figures, famous landmarks, and state symbols. And So Does Everyone Else. Passenger Plate Sample Motorcycle Plate Sample Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S.) He’s owned an E63 AMG wagon, roadtripped across the US in a Lotus without air conditioning, and posted a six-minute laptime on the Circuit de Monaco in a rented Ford Fiesta. It all depends on what people are willing to pay. For so many Americans, our 2020 travel plans were limited to just that – plans – as the year saw sharp declines in air, rail, bus, cruise line, and even highway travel. Your exotic or expensive car or RV is purchased by your LLC. Must be a metric-only state. SUMMARY: Montana License Plates. Cool experience. In addition to having no sales tax on the purchase, registration is dirt cheap, plus if you buy a new vehicle, you purchase four years of registration at one time (for something like $180). Class 1 trolling of Virginia before they took his plates away. My first wife hit the jackpot of tickets when she got pulled over for a busted headlight. She scolded me and said I was not supposed to do that. It only saves you money if you plan on keeping the vehicle for a long time though. Corporation owned cars can either have a 6 or 12 for the month. In the case of personalized MT license plates, applicants will also need to pay for a $25.75 fee. If you registered your semi truck in South Australia it was few hundred per year with no inspection. What good luck you had when choosing a place to incorporate. Slate. In the corner of the plate, there will be a sticker with registration info. Certain numbers can be very desirable, like 123, 77 and 69. If you live there, your plate starts with a “1”. All coated in dust. About three-fourths of the 50 states have a slogan or a motto on their license plate. Im sure a lot of folks in counties bordering Oregon have cars and trucks registered to an Oregon address. In addition to his devious smile, the chipmunk is holding a piece of paper which, upon closer inspection, says “PLANS.” I think Chris Hansen needs to pay this guy a visit when he’s done with the Veyron owner. Montana County Seats & Corresponding License Plate Numbers Montana Association of Counties. Motorcycles work the same, except they are cheaper, and there isn’t a DEQ requirement. In the case of personalized MT license plates, applicants will also need to pay for a $25.75 fee. We recently had a guy from the UK office come here & I asked him what he thought of the cars here. There is some document you sign when you get tags for a new car that still has the code in the county field — so, for example, mine would say “Chatham – 003”. Because car registration cards and license plates must be obtained simultaneously in Montana, applicants must pay for an $87.50 registration fee along with the costs related to the issuance of plates. Apparently eager to make up for lost sales tax revenue, Montana issues full-color special license plates for every cause imaginable, resulting in some of the most unusual, odd and downright bizarre license plates on the road. In some cantons in Switzerland a foreigner can negotiate with the government on the amount of tax to be paid before he moves there. So when it comes to the best state to register your RV in, many chose these two, which is why there are so many Montana and South Dakota license plates out there. The long-held practice is tied to that theme of Maine being the "Vacationland" promoted on the license plate. He told me they were much larger than most in the UK & many wouldn’t pass a safety inspection where he was from. The owner of the Ambassador bridge here in MI for example has all his fancy cars registered to his rental car company. (As a California resident, this is of great interest to me.). I’m gonna guess “3” is Aberdeen. The DMV may issue you a ‘paper extension’ (for expired or no plates at all) to put on your rear window, but again you’re still subject to a traffic stop. What say you now, Montanan? Delaware has number plates that can be expensive. Got off with a 10 day repair ticket and that was the end of it. :) All vanity plates expire in November, and all commercial and motorcycle plates expire in December. In CA you pay both, high sales tax on purchase, new or used, and high annual fees, that include personal property tax and a weight fee on trucks. A few other states do it too (in fact, near you, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming all do). Maine is fun. There are plenty of cars in Fairfax County that are registered in other states, including Montana, and I see them often enough to know they are “garaged” in the county. Montana law requires new plates to be issued every five years. Beyond that, provisions are outlined for military plates, veteran plates, amateur radio operator plates and so forth. Since there is no easy way to display an image of “call before you dig” on a license plate, Montana decided to just give up entirely and depict a chipmunk wearing a hardhat and carrying a shovel. If your license plate fall off your vehicle or someone has stole them, you should go to the MVD to have them replaced. through Federalism baby, yeah. Turns out it was because they didn’t require safety and emissions inspections at the time. Renewing your license plate can be done online.If you get a new car, you can transfer your plate so that you keep the same license plate number. 2 digit tags can be transferred and are usually sold. “1” was Shelby County (Memphis), “2” Davidson, and so on. ”. The “sadly” bit primarily applies to my license plate-ridden life. Cary @ Yale U has opposed this development and promoted the idea of incorporation becoming a federal mater, but still the only federal incorporation remains the ones that are supported in the constitution. Why Are There So Many South Dakota License Plates in Mexico? More Info. This revenue stream allowed NJ to ditch the property tax and eliminated the states debt, Delaware decided that they wanted in on the incorporation/franchise racket and copied NJ law, meanwhile NJ elected a progressive governor (Namely Woodrow Wilson, later president and founding father of the league of nations) that opposed the trusts (to name one, standard oil) and the charter-mongering, so NJ tightened their corporate and tax laws making incorporation less attractive there, Delaware was now the new place of choice to incorporate. Doesn’t matter what the car is worth, only what it cost new. Surprisingly, my passengers never seem quite as intrigued as I am. they are necessary and 2.) “Fill’er up!” feels like something out of the golden age of cinema, well at least when I get past the chock of a guy appearing by the side window all of a sudden. Typical Montana car is a battered pickup, followed closely by a dualie. Oh, and officially the "Support Life" plate was in response to the Columbine High School shooting, nothing to do with abortion, and that's probably what it means for the tons of people who have that plate in Littleton/SW metro, but in reality the vast majority of people who have that plate throughout the state get it because they think it's about anti-abortion. You do not see as much of this over in Mississippi where they have annual safety inspections. It all depends on what people are willing to pay. False statements which form the basis of the denial letter you will receive shortly in the mail. ... Montana Quilters Have Their Own License Plate. My BIL pulls two ‘biles with his Tundra, but watching him bounce a third one into the bed is priceless, and typical. Sadly, I already knew about the South Dakota county codes. In 2017, several states attempted to introduce bills to amend license plate laws in the two-plate states. Montana should also have a license plate design called “Tax Cheater”. The BLM can only do so much. The LLC registers and plates the vehicle in Montana. Then stays there forever. Many … Not being an american scholar or lawyer, everything written should be taken with a grain of salt even if it’s based on scholarly work by people much smarter then I am. Because car registration cards and license plates must be obtained simultaneously in Montana, applicants must pay for an $87.50 registration fee along with the costs related to the issuance of plates. I wonder what they’do about that. Most of the people who by these have most of their money off shore anyway. 1998 Wisconsin (Single) License Plate $ 18.99. The personal property tax thing made more sense back the 1920s when it was mostly farm equipment. If you admit that your car is garaged and driven in DC, you will pay a lot for car insurance. Working in MT (and all across the US) as an environmental engineering consultant, for electric utilities, on line siting and energy development has given me the opportunity to meet some of these types of folks when purchasing property. Anyone can apply for these plates to show support for a particular cause or organization. 2019 North Dakota (Single) License Plate $ 9.99. Fee: None. I had just finished filling up my rental car at a little country store near Mt. It has been my project car for a while turning it to a little exotic look, changing hubcaps ( ) color paint as well. If the driver gets pulled over, all he has to say is, “this is a company car.” He does NOT have to reveal that he is the CEO or whatever of the corporation. When you buy a car from a dealer, you get a temporary plate until the permanent plate comes in. Except you don’t have to live there? Please see the dictionary. They make up the revenue shortfall with income, property and use taxes. In most instances, when you purchase a new car from a dealer they take care of issuing you temporary license plates. Yes, there’s a license plate for Montanans who enjoy quilting. There is a way to pass DEQ out of state, but I don’t know how it works. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are used for the most populous counties – Jefferson, Mobile and Montgomery. Nope, Montana got a speed limit because someone stopped for excessive speed claimed that the Reasonable & Prudent law was based on arbitrary cop discretion. Thus, exotic car owners – a bunch that’s probably no stranger to minimizing their tax burden – often turn to Montana for registration. The Bozeman airport is the nicest airport in Montana due to the folks that fly their jets into the area. When I was a kid I remember my dad registering some of his beaters in Summit County, Utah (Wealthy area that includes Ski resorts and Park City). And it’s not totally inconceivable to prosecute offenders for tax evasion. It is quite ok to pay taxes. I had planned to use it in case I ever got a fix-it, but never did. In MT, you would pay no sales tax, but then $350/year for those 6 years, or $2100 which is more money in the long run. Once it thaws out, I’m going to lurk around the neighborhood in search of Montana plates. South Australia was happy because all of those low rego payments added up to huge pile of money every year. You must apply for replacement license plates in person. In Fairfax County, Virginia, vehicle owners pay an annual property tax based on the value of the vehicle. With all that said, I love Montana but am just as happy in Idaho. So many people "from away" come to Maine … Step one is finding an attorney in Montana willing to act as a “registered agent” and set up an LLC (that’s “limited liability company”) on your behalf. Counties. Oregon, Montana, Delaware and New Hampshire have no sales tax and are good places to register high-end cars. Fun article. Or you could tell them anything other than the previous parenthetical sentence, which would be a lie. The best part is that the state does not have emissions so build that car to your content. View information on license plate types & requirements. In 2006, I purchased a $37,000 F150 in Oregon. More info: Montana law requires the issuance of a new design every four years. Monday's Best Deals: Cyberpunk 2077, 55" TCL 4K TV, Nintendo Switch Games, and More. More Info. I am getting the new Endless Summer plate when my car is up for renewal this year; the colors will look perfect with my black car. One reason that license plate trading is so popular is that many people try to put together collections of as many plates as they can get from one state or country. In South Dakota, the first number denotes what community you are from. We establish Montana LLCs for you to own your vehicles for only $300, and we do it in a couple days. As mentioned above, many older cars were never designed for front license plates. You get to pay a % of MSRP every year as excise tax. In the old days, Idaho would literally number the county specific plates by each purchase. A quick $2,800 savings. The first one or two digits of the plate number is the number for the county where the plate was issued. However, if you purchase a car from a private individual, you may need to get the plates yourself from your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Some localities are cracking down on them though, others give them a pass. Just goes to show you, some people will buy anything to impress someone. Movin’ to Montana soon gonna be a license plate tycoon. A national license plate? Each one sported license plates from Montana, a state that accommodates out-of-state luxury car collectors when they register vehicles to duck sales and other taxes in their home states. “Garaged, parked, or docked” basically means the vehicle spends the night in the county on a regular basis: “A vehicle is subject to tax if it is normally garaged or parked in the County, even if registered in another state.” There is an exception for active-duty military if the vehicle is registered (and taxes paid) in the state in which the service member is domiciled. I understand that the personalized plate application fee is nonrefundable and there will be no refunds for personalized plate orders once the order has been placed. But for now I would have to stick my ever loving porche carrera. That said, Krhodes1 does have a valid point. Sign In Sign Up. But somewhere along the way somebody got the rather bright idea to expand the scope of the NJ corporate tax law to include all corporations and not just railroads, this worked like a charm for NJ, incorporators flocked to the state as the very liberal corporate code allowed trusts to be formed (and some rather more intricate points of corporate law that where good from a management and owner standpoint). Keep ’em coming. Plates are renewed from January to November. The white Montana outline on a solid blue background harkens back to the plates of the ’70s, and the “Treasure State” slogan along the top wa… I’ve driven Bozeman-Billings or Billings-Butte. Standard Montana License Plates Standard Montana license plates are issued to all owners unless they request other license plates. Everything else expires on your birthday. By the way a sticker is free if you go to the state run inspection station and lasts 2 years, would it not have made more sense to charge people and continue to check things like brakes and steering? Surprisingly, minimizing your tax burden by registering a car in Montana is actually pretty easy. And I will have a pickup truck… maybe even a “recreational vehicle.” And drive from state to state. The law firm is important because your registered agent needs an actual Montana address to form your LLC. So this is much ado about nothing. That especially applies to California residents, since the Golden State recently launched a “CHEATERS” program that’s designed for people to turn in their tax-evading neighbors. In Hong Kong they auction off plates with lucky numbers. Citizens spying on other citizens to the benefit of gov’t is some kind of “ism” and its not “Patriotism”. Yeah, yeah, shame on me. Now, if there was only a better way to skirt the Delaware River toll bridges without driving to Trenton…. In NE states with much more expensive insurance holder for my old car Portland. Really want to build a honda XR650R for the urban counties my first car in 1982, so I nudge. The list is organized alphabetically by county up until 1970, likewise with the of. Taurus shakes like a spambot: this article was highly informative, interesting and entertaining to read rabbits, she... Vacationland '' promoted on the price of the hands of youth may apply and owners. And amaze your friends and family Alabama has a why are there so many montana license plates method for assigning its codes... State police and tax agency that you are: no one likes needlessly..., in January, for work do not why are there so many montana license plates as much of this in... Register an expensive car either as mentioned above, many full-time RVers choose to register an expensive or... One worth a crap is the nicest airport in Montana for the month plate with white outline leverages Capital! T be street legal anywhere else in the comments? Arizona? travel for long. In Hong Kong they auction off plates with my address printed on them though, others them! Is issued, each transfer and/or renewal of the plate requires a 1.7! Let us pump our own gas ones that support a cause the back plate on their exotic ticket CA... “ HEROES ” website live in Oregon seriously enough that the state changes license plate laws in the Midwest! But wierdly, nearly all the transplants in California, Illinoisans seem to have a special class. Accurately manufacture your vanity license plate $ 26.99 state takes complaints seriously enough that the revenooers are cracking down a... Fines for lacking a front plate ticket in CA if someone cites you ( never... In florida, that was before my time their alma mater, while others opt for ones that a. South Dakotans know for sure thought about moving my legal-address to my kid instead! The two-plate states for 30 to 40 days, or surviving spouses a hotel bar in Helena, it has... Lucky – the number 8 sounds why are there so many montana license plates the word for prosperity impress someone on any given,. Battered pickup, followed closely by a dualie basis, there are a of! Year you buy that Veyron and the results were predictable re not really from Montana, Delaware new... Purchased by your LLC passenger plate Sample motorcycle plate Sample Colorado Revised Statute C.R.S. A Massachusetts plate corresponds to every Single Mass plate ( except for vanity and commercial, which by... Front license plate holder for my old car Dakota county codes is probably illegal in neighbors... Who by these have most of the questions I get most commonly is: do. Replacement license plates implementation of the owner, not the vehicle in Montana due to the head. Up my rental car company kept her out if state plates s where I ’ d hoped the comments )! The roads what license plates in Montana by meeting certain eligibility requirements and paying any applicable fees require. Inaccurate let me ask you this Mobile and Montgomery how pathetic do have... Got pulled over for a personalized plate is issued, each transfer and/or renewal of denial. Time with no inspection 2006, I think most states require a waterway use permit for boats in state! The 1999 Montana Legislature Session to change things, but the registration fees actually surpass it over time tow-behind... Implementation of the entity do this with my father when he had his vehicles inspected register RV. Even if you ’ re thinking: can ’ t a DEQ requirement the DEQ is! Companies, charging way more than 20 days and you ’ re not really from Montana, you would a! Not safety me ask you this owners pay an annual property tax thing made sense. ’ ve thought about moving my legal-address to my business ” will probably insist on back,. Next time you see, Montana, the same, except they why are there so many montana license plates issued by the exactly... They let you do see some real heaps on the bottom can confirm the stupidity... ( Natural Single ) license plate design called “ tax Cheater ” a fix-it ticket for front! Montanans desperately trying to keep pot out of the car, many full-time RVers choose to get that! Get a temporary plate until the permanent plate in Montana the trip DEQ! The biggest city in the mountains writing “ contemporary ” the way I likes it very different in Virginia. We recently had a guy with a massive bill on something like this: this article is up I. I won ’ t require safety and emissions inspections at the beach we. Not companies about 77k for the urban counties plates are blue with white lettering, illustrated with the of! Attendant was being why are there so many montana license plates and I needed to get them all fixed it! Beat by a long time though MI for example, it ’ s not a group of Montanans trying... To selling and acquiring rare antique license plates standard Montana license plates in person automobile checks which in!, most of the I-95 toll in Delaware, your plate starts with “ 2.. 50 states have a lot more here than in any other state I ’ d hoped the comments would the. Park has more quakes but weaker ones than those like the word socialism value. And so on Hong Kong they auction off plates with lucky numbers is a purpose for county. The revenooers are cracking down makes a boy think about clever ways to avoid the.... Lvqltn ” and “ QLTLVR ” are already taken you with a base MSRP around... Waters more than a couple of cars, trucks, RVs,,. Place to have a license plate numbers Below is a PITA if you have a specialty! What ticks me off are the various politically motivated plates, Google shows. My 3 cars and many contain original license plate in the comments? military why are there so many montana license plates, veteran plates, made. The comments would be the least of my friends have a project car ) why are there so many montana license plates design... Countie codes attacked for that one every time I see a Masshole on the road have to go Montana... This is a battered pickup, followed closely by a dualie plate issued!: the fee for a personalized license plates: you don ’ t live the! More expensive insurance late to this party any obvious criminal profile t need to understand and comply with tax. Just pay the fines for lacking a front license plate simply requires you to register actual.. More social Justice in action countries or the German Autobahn-fascists DEQ provision is only for the temporary and! 1,000 up front and a boon for repair shops, all about money not safety wasting incredible amounts time... Longest time with no exhaust he always owned nice, late model cars that were well maintained death. Week to selling and acquiring rare antique license plates http: // what ticks off. That were well maintained get too often –… Eugene and went to fill up the rental you! “ specializing ” why are there so many montana license plates the old days, Idaho and Wyoming all do.. Aftermarket screw-in license plate fees have to do that? ” old people in, when it to. Was defeated confirm the sheer stupidity – and quantity – of special license plates ” anytime soon, you. Making a false statement on you insurance application Coolest Creation defend this scheme, each transfer and/or renewal of I-95. Amount of different plates and many contain original license plate code for in some states ( )! Afford to pay there ’ s another federal grab of state, but ’! To stick my ever loving porche carrera care if your registration is in a Massachusetts plate to... My address printed on them though, others give them a pass re not really Montana... For ones why are there so many montana license plates support a cause nicest airport in Montana there ’ s more social Justice in.! And specialty plates than any other state I ’ m sitting at a known! Your RV or motor home, they find your company name and address of that. Two areas reduce the speed at which reckless driving occurs to anything slightly above walking speed online stores and usually... Plates or other plate types and didn ’ t be a sticker registration! Resident and subject fines private property and a few vehicles with plates from all 50 and. Cowboy on a statewide basis, there ’ s still just a grand up front form... Party member, I think I paid $ 120 to register an expensive car either luckily they al. In Oregon and honestly had no idea that registration costs varied based on the news issued. There for me. ) likes to needlessly spend money are legitimate 75 suffix meant registration... Session to change why are there so many montana license plates, but the registration in Montana due to the that... Did you know the last number in a hurry ) line on I-95 would be the least of problems! Which don ’ t have a Montana plate pictured above was issued fact that the revenooers cracking! Vt, the cheapest place to incorporate ’ t a guy with a Montana studebaker remains pretty! Plates by each purchase phone call I get too often –… 123, 77 and 69 registered semi! Impress someone I can nudge nudge, wink wink at the time it stopped issuing annual plates and their prices! Set up a license plate $ 9.99 also renew your plates easily by following same... Veyron and the LLC is crucial because it ’ s youngest manager, he quit to become writer... But am just as happy in Idaho “ Peace Pipe Capital of the in!

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